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It won’t hurt our feelings if you take off our label

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Don’t you hate it when you can’t get a price or name sticker off of the item that you just purchased, like a vintage license plate or mid-century bar light? Maybe it has been on there a long time and it is stubborn. You try and try to scrape it off but some bits just won’t budge. Grrr…!

Here, at License Plate Garage, we do things differently.

Yes, we put labels on the back of our items with our name on them. After all, we want you do know where you found the item. But, we figured that you might not want a label on your item forever and ever. Plus, we didn’t want to put anything on the item that might mar or ruin it.

So, we searched and found labels that are easily removed. This way, when you acquire an item for us, you can decide to the keep the label or not. And, it won’t hurt our feelings or your item if you decide to take it off.

Here’s a demonstration:

Happy Collecting!

Barb Sistak and Tom Baur

The License Plate Gal and The License Plate Guy

at License Plate Garage



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