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Tom's Story

I have been a collector since childhood and over the years have amassed a huge collection of thousands of license plates. I bought, traded and sold them. I belong to the Mid-America Plate Association (MAPA #1) and Automobile License Plate Collectors Association (ALPCA #2172). I am an authority on old plates and regularly consult with auction houses and estate liquidators. On the car side, I love classic cars and have owned various classic Corvettes since 1958. Currently, I have a single-axel 1959 Corvette in my garage.

About Us

We are Tom Baur and Barbara Sistak Baur and we operate our online store — License Plate Garage™. We serve license plate collectors, classic car enthusiasts, “mantique” hunters, up-cycling designers and gifters. We help our customers find the unique and scarce items and materials they need for their collections and creative displays.



We are a partnership — a husband and wife team that has brought together each of our individual strengths to support each other.  Our business is perfect for us because we can each fuel our passions — Tom for collecting and Barb for creating.

When we met in 1999, Tom had a huge collection of license plates and the internet was starting to be a force. We recognized opportunity before us. That is when we started our online business of vintage items.


Our customers are treasure hunters seeking to broaden, build or fill holes in their collections with hard-to-find and interesting items that are authentic and genuine.


Our customers want to purchase from a trusted source. We offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee policy — our customers must be 100% satisfied or we will take it back or exchange it for something just as good or even better.

Barbara's Story

I am an artist and creative entrepreneur with long technology experience. I started using technology as a journalist and freelance writer in the late ’70’s and never looked back. I developed and added professional artist skills to my creative repertoire a bit later. I furthered my technology experience as my career path led me to software management, marketing, research and development.

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