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Hubcaps Not Just for Cars

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Hubcaps are not just for cars. They make great display pieces by themselves, in groups or as the base for your creative crafts. Older hubcaps have great design and often feature retro logos. They can be shined up and displayed as is or enhanced with colorful paints. They typically weight just a pound or two so they are easily hung on the wall.

They look great on a wall but that is not the only place for them. Display them with other automotive-themed decor or collections.

Mix them with your trophies to create an interesting display.

Add them to a license plate collection on display.

They are made to withstand the weather so they can adorn your deck, fence or garden.

If you can’t afford a Mercedes, just get the hubcaps and put them in your den.

Perhaps you’ve seen rows of hubcaps lining the lower edge of a loft or along a wall. This can make a striking display.

Here are some other places that can make creative use of old hubcaps.

Restaurant or cafe

Man Cave

Kid’s Room


Rec Room

Car Room

TV Room




Trophy Room

Craft Room




Shed Doors

Happy Collecting!

Barb Sistak and Tom Baur

The License Plate Gal and The License Plate Guy

at License Plate Garage

P.S. Sometimes, we have hubcaps available at



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