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Honeybee License Plate

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Looking for something unusual? Here are genuine vintage license plates with pictures of honeybees. These are a genuine license plates that are called Special Event license plates. They celebrate the Annual Honeybee Festival in Paris Illinois. They are fun for the garden shed, screen house, she shed, kids' rooms, garages, automotive art fans and license plate collectors.

Special Event license plates are actual license plates issued by their State in connection with an organization celebrating an event or having a fundraiser. Special Event plates have a fun graphic that is connected to the event.

There are several different years and pictures. They fit a fun nature-themed decor, display or crafts. And what a fun gift for a birthday, anniversary or anyone who has everything!

There are several different years available. You may see them on eBay or get in touch with us personally.

See the video below as our The License Plate Gal scrolls though our small collection.

License Plate Garage

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