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6x12" Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Standard-Sized Plates

6x12" Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Standard-Sized Plates


Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Storing and Protecting your Vintage License Plates.  These are extra thick for toughness and won't tear easily like thinner poly bags.

  • Industrial strength 4 mil plastic to withstand metal plates being stacked together.
  • Resists tears from rough handling and storage.
  • Prevents scratches on the license plates you have been collecting for years.
  • Nice and clear so you can still enjoy your plates.
  • Use one sleeve for each license plate you have.
  • Protect your collection today and for years to come.



  • This is a package of Heavy Duty sleeves that have been custom-made by License Plate Garage to fit today's standard license plates. Since 1956, standard automobile license plates measure 6 inches x 12 inches. Our sleeves are made so that you can easily slip your license plate inside and still keep a nice snug fit. There is no extra plastic taking up space.

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