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This is a sculptural artwork that measures approx 12x12x13 in. using old license plates that have been re-imaged with rust and paint and shaped into the unexpected 3-D cube.  About 5 pounds. I created this piece to harmonize with the environment. Rust is a natural process and offers interesting messages. It prompts reflection of past life and the license plates are past but they are made present here. License plates form the foundation of my relationship with my partner / husband in our e-commerce business and in our partnership / marriage. Without them, I wonder if our union would survive. Perhaps this is my effort to make sure it is solid and enduring. 


  • Specifications

    Artist: Barb Sistak Baur

    Title: Cuboid

    Size: 12x13x12 in

    Type: Sculpture

    Media: Mixed, old salvaged license plates and acrylic media

    Note: Pedestal as shown in the photo is not included with the sculpture but is available for $100.

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