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5x18" Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Long License Plates

5x18" Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Long License Plates


Heavy Duty Poly Sleeves for Storing and Protecting your Vintage License Plates.  These are extra thick for toughness and won't tear easily like thinner poly bags.

  • Industrial strength 4 mil plastic to withstand metal plates being stacked together.
  • Resists tears from rough handling and storage.
  • Prevents scratches on the license plates you have been collecting for years.
  • Nice and clear so you can still enjoy your plates.
  • Use one sleeve for each license plate you have.
  • Protect your collection today and for years to come.



  • More Product Info

    This is a package of Heavy Duty sleeves that have been selected by License Plate Garage to fit long and thin vintage license plates. Our sleeves are 5 x 18 inches so that you can protect your longer, narrow license plates that were more common in the 1920s and 1930s. 

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