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What year were you born? What year were your parents married?

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Looking for a gift idea for that is different but personal? You can give a really personal gift simply by matching a license plate to a special event in a person’s life.

For instance, for a fun birthday gift, find a plate from the year the person was born. Take it a step further and get the plate from the state the person was born in, if you can find one

For an anniversary party, try a pair of nice plates from the year the couple was married. You can have then framed in a shadow-type box to dress them up.

Some people like to get plates for their children’s birth years, also, and display them together.

These are fun gift ideas for the person who has everything or who appreciates something different and personal.

We have hundreds of license plates from many states and years. Check out our online store to see if we have the year you are looking for. Or, give us a call.

Happy Celebrating !

Barb Sistak and Tom Baur

The License Plate Gal and The License Plate Guy

at License Plate Garage



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